Saturday, 16 February 2019

Busy Busy Busy

Hi y'all.
Been a crazy week for me here. Lots of appointments as I am in Hospital for a few days next week.
Have done lots of sewing to keep me sane.

So here's what I have been up to.

Finished the bag for #2 son's girlfriends 18th birthday! 


I have finished Feb Blocks for A Quilting Life BOM


I have made a couple of design boards following Lori Holt's tutorial on her Blog
These are great for smaller blocks. Need to make a couple of larger ones as well.

I've also made a drink bottle carrier RSC19
Yellow is February colour.

I have also finished 2 Coffee Mats. Both exactly the same so if 1 is in the wash I still have another to use.

Also made a girlfriend, Miss Mel, some veggie bags so she can eliminate all those plastic bags.

And just a little titbit info. I've grown my nails for the first time ever.
Went and got a French Manicure to help stop them from chipping. 

Off to sew my #52 blocks.

I have also joined a swap 😍😍😍
Details to follow.



Monday, 11 February 2019

The week that was....

Hi all,
Wow the weeks are flying past. Been sewing heaps this last week and have plans to do more this week.
Forgot to add a couple of things to my OPAM.
The Pin cushion/ Thread catcher and also the kettle handle cover. So here they are.

 I also forgot to include my Christmas BOM. I brought this years ago, I found it when I rearranged.
This block is massive. 22 1/4" x 19 1/2"

Now this months sewing so far ........

I made a Mug Rug for my bestest friend. Happy 30 years anniversary to us.
Met Melinda way back in 1989 at my first job. May not catch up as often as we like. But know I can pick up phone and chat, like it was yesterday we spoke, even if it's been 6 months.

Melinda loved it. So happy that she did. Over the years I've never really seemed to make much for her. Last time we caught up face to face, we went to an outdoor cinema. I took my favourite scrappy quilt. Melinda loved it so I left it with her to enjoy.
Made from a Moda Scrap bag.
 I have completed my Bloom Blocks for February. 
I'm so pleased with how these are turning out.

  I am linking these with the Bloomers Link Party.

Block 3

Block 4
I decide to do what another lady is doing which is only have 1 sashing between blocks (Sorry I can't recall who it was)

This is last weeks #52blocks52weeks block.

I really like these in both colourways. 

I made a Coffee Cup mat for myself. Since I now have a stove top kettle I needed to move my coffee supplies.


 I had some rather random things on Saturday. After I had nicked my thumb with the rotary cutter.
Made these for my niece as she had been in hospital

 Well that's all the time I have today, off to get my eyes tested. Hopefully once I get new glasses I can return to my hand stitching projects.



Monday, 4 February 2019

January Round up Part 2

Got so side tracked yesterday surfing the web, I never really got much done. 
So without further ado here is the last part of January Round Up.

Yesterday I mentioned that I should be organising my fabrics along with doing each months colour challenge with So Scrappy RSC19
Well this morning I started with yellow and red and then I went all out and did most of the colours. Since my #1 Son returned home my sewing room is again his room. Sew all my sewing stuff is in a cupboard, on a book shelf ,which is a door (kind of) for the cupboard and around my kitchen table. (Which is my sewing station at the moment.)

   My bookshelf door
My sorting effort thus far
Beside my sewing station

As you may know I'm trying to sew gifts and Xmas gifts each month.
I'm doing various items in the RSC19 Colourway
I forgot to link my 1 Xmas Item yesterday so here it is.
So here they are ....

Gifts in Gift Box = 4 
I am also linking this up with Kris for OPAM19

I am also currently working on a Birthday Gift from January for #2 Son's Girl Friend. I'll post a picture when it's finished.

I'll be back in a few days to tell you about my plans for February, hopefully I've done some sewing by then to show you.

Hugs for now,

Sunday, 3 February 2019

January Round Up Part 1

Hello all,

Been really pleased with what I have been about to do this month. Hopefully I can keep it up for Feb. Here is what I've been up to....

 After seeing so many amazing blocks I just HAD to do another colourway. 

So here are my first 3 blocks in each colourway. I just love them. Thanks Wendy for telling me about this.


The fabrics I ordered have arrived so Block 2 has been completed. I am ABSOLUTELY loving these blocks. Starting Block 3 soon.
you can see the other ladies works on her link up page.

This months colour for RSC19 is YELLOW!
I have a few things on my "To do List" so will post a picture once done.
Thanks to So Scrappy
I'm thinking I should be sorting my fabrics as well. So I'll sort Red for last month and Yellow for this month.

Speaking of sorting, organising I have added a picture of each BOM/QAL/SAL to a large envelope and I can keep all papers neat and these envelopes fit nicely into the tubs with the fabrics.
Here's the one I did for Bloom and A Quilting Life BOM


As I mentioned in a previous post I am also joining Lyn from Lyn Brigg Designs for her 
Need to choose fabrics for this one yet. Here is the one Lyn made.
Sew far I am thinking light colours for the patchwork blocks, just not sure what.

Here is the link for my post on 1 Xmas Item. There are some amazing ideas on the blog. Heaps of inspiration.

I'll continue tomorrow.

Hugs Raelene

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Bloom SAL

Yesterday I planned on making a Handle Mitt for my new kettle.
Well here it is. Plain and simple which was exactly what I wanted.
My nearly 20 yo son said "Oh, that's cute. I like it Mum." So I guess that's a win!

I was also hoping to finish Block 1 of the Bloom SAL
Well I am excited to say I DID!!
I was very unsure about the scrappy nature of these borders but decided to just go with in.

Will tackle Block 2 this arvo maybe...

Off to stay cool, it's another warm day for Melbourne Today

Pakenham VIC
Mostly Sunny
Wednesday 2:00 pm
Mostly Sunny

Hugs Raelene

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Australia Day Long Weekend Sewing.

Happy Tuesday, even though it feels like a Monday due to Australia Day holiday.

My plan for the long weekend was to sew, sew, sew! Not that it turned out that way.

I have lots of different projects on the go at the moment, probably cause I have not sewn for a while. Found a few of these whilst sorting out sewing area. I'm sure my sewing supplies are still confused after moving, yet again.
My son moved home and my sewing room moved from a small bedroom to a closet and my dining area.
As long as it stays somewhat tidy I'm OK with it being out.


 I love the boxes, most are named and my current projects are all on the stack waiting for me.

What sewing I got done.

1 Xmas Item a Month - Just need to bind 2 Oven Dbl Mitts.
1 Xmas
1 Xmas item a month
 #52Blocks52Weeks - Block 2 Completed.

I love this block challenge it is so quick and at this stage easy. I have posted on Wendy site
After looking at all the others from around the world I will be doing another colour way.
Take a look at some.

Bloom BOM - Appliques Cut Block 1
I was very bad a brought some fabrics of a facebook group. I have NO idea what happened to all my 30's fabric. They arrive soon (I hope)

A Quilting Life BOM - 40½ Square Triangles All but pressed opened. New block out in 2 days!!!!

I have also decided that my new kettle needs a handle mitt.
It gets hot! I forgot about that. I have not had a stove top kettle since I don't know when. This is a priority as I drink way too much coffee during the day. 

Okay then, must fly heaps to sew and things to do.


Friday, 25 January 2019

Oh dear It's SO HOT

Hi ya all,

I'm over the heatwave Australia is going through, my girlfriend posted this on Facebook this morning. I think it says it ALL!

One of the biggest things I dislike about the heat is I don't fold my washing straight off the line. So I end up with this!

Ok, rant about the heat is over.

On the sewing side I completed the 2019 Rainbow Scrap Challenge from the
So Scrappy blog. Which I am doing with Cheryll from Gone Stitchin'
This months colour was REDSo I decided on something for me. 

And some EXCITING NEWS. These arrived this morning!!

These are for the Bloom Quilt SAL which I am also doing with
Cheryll from Gone Stitchin'.
Hoping to get the first block finished this weekend.
I'll be tracing these today onto the 'Heat n Bond' under the aircon in my lounge room.

Enjoy your day folks

Hugs Raelene