Saturday, 30 November 2013

Busy Busy Busy girl sewing

Hi there,

Sorry I have been MIA over the last week or sew. I have been sewing like a made woman :-)

I have recently joined a Facebook group called Handmade Markets where you sell homemade goodies. And with this I have also started a facebook business page Raelene's Ramblings

Sew between Christmas gifts and the market items, I have been extremely busy.

I have finished my girlfriends birthday /Christmas quilt and she just loves it.

My lovely niece saw a journal cover on Pinterest and asked if I could make one for her, which I did happily      :-) I simply love sewing for people that truly appreciate it!!

I will post off my Secret Santa Swap Monday morning and my Secret Santa Soiree Swap
I have finished my Fat Quarter December gift for Narelle and will also post that Monday. Was going to post this morning but I have a really bad case of Laryngitis and just could not do it this morning :-(

So far for the market I have sold a few sets of bonbons' a teacher appreciation envelope and a bag :-) happy with this as they were the first 2 markets I put anything in...


I have also sewn this cute wall hanging, I still have it's partner to finish.

Okay, I'm back of to bed to rest up (Kids love that I have no voice :-)

Have a great weekend and sew, sew, sew!


Hugs Raelene


  1. thats great raelene and i hope you do really well.xx

    1. Thanks Shez, had a couple of sales so a good start. xxx

  2. Well done on your sales...and you have been busy....all looks fantastic...

    1. Hi Peg, Crazy busy, but loving every minute of it :-) xxx

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    1. Hi Lisa, Your welcome. Looking forward to seeing you over on facebook, xxx

  4. You've been very busy! I love all those gifts you made.

  5. Thanks Danette, So busy I have been away from my blog too long xxx