Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Finishing March Wrap Up

Hello Again,

Okay, so where was I up too......

March Blocks completed.
I don't love flying geese but here they are.

Christmas BOM

                       BLOCK 2

I must say I LOVE THIS!!!!
Hmmm, Can't find picture  of Block 5. Must take another.

Block 6

Block 7

Block 8

I also finished my Mini Quilt Swap. Hosted by Heather from The Sewing Loft

Meet a new sewing buddy and exchange a handmade gift with the mini quilt 2019 swap with The Sewing Loft
I LOVED making this Mini. It was a block I have always wanted to do, but never had a reason.  I also made a scrappy mug rug from 1/2 square triangles from Mini.

Will post picture soon, once Monica has received it. Hopefully this week Monica and I are catching up.

Well I think that's a wrap!!!
Till next time, happy sewing,


Where did March go? OPAM'S and lots more.

Hello internet world.
Could someone please slow down the days! They seem to be flying by this year.

Here's a wrap up of everything from March.


During March I managed to get 3 of these completed. So tomorrow I will need to cut out the last 3 weeks worth, to try and catch up.

Block 9
Block 8
Block 7
1 Xmas Item a Month 

Got lots done for this. Also in the RSC19 colour of Green.

Set of 6 Place-mats

Oven Mitt and Handle Hottie

Cat Block

Pillow for #1 son's 20th Birthday

Journal Cover

Mug Rug made from Cat Ear Scraps

Bag #1

    Bag #2

Bag #3 + 4

So that makes 9 Green Items for the month. And 9 OPAM'S WooHoo gift box is looking full.

That's all for tonight.
Be back to wrap up March soon,


Tuesday, 19 March 2019

FNSI Wrap Up

Sorry for the late update. 
My #2 Son and his girl decided to paint the window frames for my birthday.
Lounge room has been a disaster zone.

My wishlist was big. But here is what I got done on the Friday arvo /night and finishes for Saturday Arvo.

I completed Block 9 of #52weeks52blocks

A Quilting Life - March blocks.

 4 bags for RSC19 in Green


I have started my Lyn's Folly. Sewn all applique hearts.
 (This was finished on Saturday so not FNSI)

Appliqued blocks 2 & 3 of my Christmas BOM.
Sewed blocks up on Saturday.

                       BLOCK 2

Wow, lots done over Friday Night and Saturday Arvo.

Hugs Raelene

Thursday, 14 March 2019


Hi ya all,
Will be joining the FNSI this time round. Partner is away so I can do whatever I like.

I'm planning on starting Lyn Briggs, 
Lyn's Folly from her newsletter
So lots of Applique hearts.

Also to sew Block 9 of  #52blocks52weeks

A Quilting Life - March blocks.
These will be quick as I already have the half square triangles sewn.

If I have time I will also try and do Block 2 Of my Christmas BOM.

Today will be spent cutting and tracing in prep for tomorrow night.

Oh and I have 4 bags cut out for RSC19 in Green that I need to sew as well.
This is a mighty To-do-list. Maybe will be the whole day Friday Sew In, lol.

Will share my progress on what I achieved.



Tuesday, 5 March 2019

February Round Up

Hello all.
Been 2 weeks since my thyroid surgery and all is good. Nothing sinister that God.

February Colour was YELLOW!
I struggled with Yellow as it is NOT a colour I use a lot.
But did get a few things made.
Drink Bottle Holder

2 Christmas Skirts

So for my OPAM I completed a lot of items. 1 Xmas Item a Month.
 So excited to be able to combine a few groups that I belong to.

Whilst in hospital I tried a new method to me "MANX" quilting. This is the blog post where the inspiration came from. Check it out here.  Thank you so much Amy from Diary of a Quilter you saved me from hours of boredom. I hand-stitched all the blocks and then used the sewing machine to join the blocks and bind. I am absolutely stoked with how these turned out.

First 2 blocks completed
2 Table runners completed.

Set of 6 Placements - 
Yellow centre and Yellow Binding 
Using the MANX Quilting method with sewing machine.

 Left overs from Placemats

Didn't do much with this QAL this month but I'm still on track. Here are the first 4 blocks

A Quilting Life BOM

Feb blocks turned out really well.

Here are Week 6 Blocks.
I must remember not to sew early into the morning. I had these ready to join final rows together. Then noticed that some blocks were upside down. So I back-sewed them and here they are.

Still need to make Week 7 before tomorrows block is released.

Till next time.

Hugs Raelene

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Busy Busy Busy

Hi y'all.
Been a crazy week for me here. Lots of appointments as I am in Hospital for a few days next week.
Have done lots of sewing to keep me sane.

So here's what I have been up to.

Finished the bag for #2 son's girlfriends 18th birthday! 


I have finished Feb Blocks for A Quilting Life BOM


I have made a couple of design boards following Lori Holt's tutorial on her Blog
These are great for smaller blocks. Need to make a couple of larger ones as well.

I've also made a drink bottle carrier RSC19
Yellow is February colour.

I have also finished 2 Coffee Mats. Both exactly the same so if 1 is in the wash I still have another to use.

Also made a girlfriend, Miss Mel, some veggie bags so she can eliminate all those plastic bags.

And just a little titbit info. I've grown my nails for the first time ever.
Went and got a French Manicure to help stop them from chipping. 

Off to sew my #52 blocks.

I have also joined a swap 😍😍😍
Details to follow.



Monday, 11 February 2019

The week that was....

Hi all,
Wow the weeks are flying past. Been sewing heaps this last week and have plans to do more this week.
Forgot to add a couple of things to my OPAM.
The Pin cushion/ Thread catcher and also the kettle handle cover. So here they are.

 I also forgot to include my Christmas BOM. I brought this years ago, I found it when I rearranged.
This block is massive. 22 1/4" x 19 1/2"

Now this months sewing so far ........

I made a Mug Rug for my bestest friend. Happy 30 years anniversary to us.
Met Melinda way back in 1989 at my first job. May not catch up as often as we like. But know I can pick up phone and chat, like it was yesterday we spoke, even if it's been 6 months.

Melinda loved it. So happy that she did. Over the years I've never really seemed to make much for her. Last time we caught up face to face, we went to an outdoor cinema. I took my favourite scrappy quilt. Melinda loved it so I left it with her to enjoy.
Made from a Moda Scrap bag.
 I have completed my Bloom Blocks for February. 
I'm so pleased with how these are turning out.

  I am linking these with the Bloomers Link Party.

Block 3

Block 4
I decide to do what another lady is doing which is only have 1 sashing between blocks (Sorry I can't recall who it was)

This is last weeks #52blocks52weeks block.

I really like these in both colourways. 

I made a Coffee Cup mat for myself. Since I now have a stove top kettle I needed to move my coffee supplies.


 I had some rather random things on Saturday. After I had nicked my thumb with the rotary cutter.
Made these for my niece as she had been in hospital

 Well that's all the time I have today, off to get my eyes tested. Hopefully once I get new glasses I can return to my hand stitching projects.